Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How many members will be on this list?

We limit our concurrent users to 25. This allows everybody to get their fair share and fair use, without being interrupted. Other services offer higher limits, which threaten performance and users.

What categories do you use?

We provide leads from a massive variety of categories, including toys, electronics, home appliances and more!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! Please get in contact with us ASAP, and we'll cancel your subscription. We're unable to offer refunds for services that have been used.

When are leads published?

We release our leads every weekday (Mon-Fri), typically before 12 mid-day.

What format can I access my leads?

We release deal sheets in HTML, PDF, and Excel formats. You're also able to view leads via our app, which offers more statistics, such as Amazon price tracking, sales rank info and more.

What ROI % can I expect from this platform?

Typically, we publish leads with a minimum of 30% ROI, and upwards. You can expect leads ranging up to 300% ROI.

Am I locked in?

This isn't a contracted service! You can unsubscribe whenever you like!

Any Questions?